About Me

I chose to live in Frankfort over twenty years ago.  Early in my career as a young civil engineer, I bought a home and established my roots.  I did this because I quickly realized how special a place Frankfort is.  It has so many great qualities. 


What kept me here though are the people.  Having lived in places all over the country, I can say the people of Frankfort are the best!  I've made so many great friends over the years.


Being a citizen leader in Frankfort is not new to me.  I've worked hard over the past two decades to improve our city through leading and participating in different organizations.  Service to community is important to me. 


I helped establish WalkBike Frankfort and develop the first walking and biking master plan for a small city in Kentucky.  From that, I've led the efforts to build the US421 trail, Riverview Trail, Schenkel Lane sidewalks, Westwood Drive sidewalks and the Bondurant school campus, bike lanes downtown, and sidewalks across Frankfort.  I'm so proud of the sidewalks we got built on Schenkel Lane - I used to see people pushing their children in strollers down the middle of the road because they didn't have anywhere else to walk!

I served on the board of the Franklin County Women' Shelter during it's formative years.  I was part of the team that set up the very first building and hired the first full time executive director.  The women and men that established this organization and volunteered for it through the years, made possible an important resource to our citizens.

As an active state employee for over 15 years, I've used my education (Virginia Tech) and training as a civil engineer to improve transportation for communities all around our state.   However,  I have seen the annual attack by our state lawmakers on salaries, pensions, and other benefits because they don't see the importance in services that state employees provide to Kentucky's citizens.  I have led the counterattack as the president of the Kentucky Transportation Employees' Association.  Our work has resulted in pay increases for thousands of workers and protected much of the pension benefits that were promised when we began our state careers.

Finally, I'm the father of two charismatic and dynamic young sons.  They help inspire me to continue with my service, to make Frankfort the best small town in the country to live.  My experience and dedication to service will prove valuable as we move Frankfort forward.

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